e-Library a New Service of SITE Central Library is started

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Dear Library users, 

We are glad to inform that you now have access to a massive Knimbus Engineering and Technology eLibrary setup for our institute.

Knimbus is cloud based eLibrary that helps users access all the knowledge available through the library on any device from anywhere, anytime. More than 200,000 library users from more than 2000 R&D organizations including all IITs, state and central universities, and other Government R&D labs use Knimbus eLibrary for all their knowledge needs.

You too can use Knimbus to:

 1 Discover knowledge  2 Organize your work  3 Get connected
Single window access to millions of papers, e-books, learning videos, presentations and news to keep you up to date with what’s latest in your field of study Store and organize all your eContent securely on the Knimbus eLibrary. Access your work anytime, anywhere! Invite peers, build your professional network, and collaborate online through private projects and global discussion spaces
Sign up to explore the eLibrary

Access link is as follows:


GATE Guide Computer Science & Information Technology Engg 2016 2016 Edition




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