Committee (LAC)

Library Advisory Committee (LAC) : The function of the Library Advisory Committee (LAC) is to support the functioning of the library so that it can facilitate the library development plans by advocating the library development activities with the management. The purpose of the Library Advisory Committee is to act as a channel of communication and dialogue between the Central Library and its Users. The Committee’s main objective is to support the academic needs of all students and faculty community of Sasi Institute of Technology and Engineering. The Committee (LAC) is to be appointed by the Principal/Management of the Institution.

Functions of LAC: 

  • To provide general direction to the Central & Departmental Libraries of the Institute
  • To review the functioning of the library with regards to its support to the academic
  • To formulate action plan for the development of library infrastructure, facilities,
  • To evaluate the suggestions made by the library users programmes of the Institute products and services
  • To advise the management on matters of policy relating to the development of library
  • To enhance and support the research activity of the Institution
  • To look into day to day problems of the Library clientele, Library staff
  • To maintain liaison between Central Library and various Academic Departments for the procurement of books and journals
  • To consider and put forward the views of Faculty, Students and Research Scholars regarding books/journals selection, ordering process etc
  • Any other function as assigned by the Principal/Management

Member of LAC (2015-16):

Faculty Members:

S. No Name Designation Department E-Mail ID ( Mobile
1 Dr. N Krishna Chaitanya Coordinator Assoc. Prof.-ECE krishna 9491971159
2 Mr.  K Srinu Member Librarian library 9491372286
3 Mr. P Chaitanya Krishna Member Asst. Prof.-ME pchaitanyakrishna 9492228144
4 Ms. A Naga Jyothi Member Asst. Prof.-CSE nagajyothi 7036248525
5 Mrs. B Aruna Member Asst. Prof.-MS baruna 7396810776
6 Mr. Y Punayya Member Asst. Prof.-AS&H punnayya 9441563790
7 Ms. P Ganga Bhavani Member Asst. Prof.-CE pbhavani103 9985883254
8 Mr. L Vamsi Narasimha Rao Member Asst. Prof.-EEE vamsieee 7382220107

Student Members:

S. No Name Reg.No Department
1 Mr. K Sai Krishna 12K61A0232 IV – EEE
2 Mr. Ch Sairam 12K61A0324 IV – Mech
3 Ms. Ch Tesjaswi 12K61A0422 IV – ECE
4 Mr. Ch Madhavarao 12K61A0518 IV – CSE
5 Ms. N L S Padmini 12K61A1206 IV – IT
6 Mr. B Sudheer 13K65A0103 IV – Civil
7 Ms. J Bhanurekha 13K61A0216 III – EEE
8 Mr. J Naga Raju 14K65A0209 III – EEE
9 Ms. K Lakshmi Preethi 13K61A0342 III – ME
10 Ms. P Lavanya 14K65A0317 III – ME
11 Mr. B Manikanta 13K61A0410 III – ECE
12 Ms. T Jaya Sai Sri 14K65A0423 III – ECE
13 Ms. G Mounika 13K61A0523 III – CSE
14 Mr. R Avinash 14K65A0506 III – CSE
15 Mr. P Raja Rao 14K65A0114 III – CE


Member of LAC (2014-15):

Faculty Members:
1. Dr. K Bhanu Prasad  – Chairman – Principal – Head of the Institute
2 Mr. P Punayya – Coordinator – Asst. Prof – Dept.of AS&H
3 Mr. P Hemasundar – Member – Asst. Prof – Dept.of EEE
4 Mr. P Chaitanya Krishna – Member – Asst. Prof – Dept.of ME
5 Mr. J Lakshmi Narayana  – Member – Asst. Prof – Dept.of ECE
6 Mrs. M Swathi – Member –  Asst. Prof – Dept.of CSE
7 Mr. S Suresh Kumar-  Member Asst. Prof Dept.of IT
8 Mrs. B Aruna – Member – Asst. Prof –  Dept.of MBA
9 Mr. L Samba Siva Rao – Member – Asst. Prof – Dept.of MCA
10 Mr. K Srinu – Member – Librarian – Dept.of Library
Student Members:
1 Durga Devi A V – Member – 10K61A0201 – IV EEE
2 Iruku Sandeep – Member – 10K61A0324 – IV Mech
3 Poornima. M – Member – 10K61A0469 – IV ECE
4 M Durga Praneetha – Member – 10K61A0561-  IV CSE
5 Naga Lakshmi D – Member – 10K61A1213 – IV IT
6 Lahari Challagolla – Member – 11K61A0204 – III EEE
7 P.Vamseekrishna  -Member – 11K61A0238 – III EEE
8 Praveen Gollamandala  -Member  – 11K61A0330 – III Mech
9 Nalam Vamsi Krishna – Member  – 11K61A0472 – III ECE
10 Kesav Sureddy Member 11K61A0599 III CSE
 11 B S N Lakshmi Prathyusha – Member – 11K61A1209 – III IT

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