Rules & Regulations

Rules, Regulations & Guidelines

1. Issues and Returns(Circulation)

  1. Book will be issued after taking the admission for the current semester.
  2. Books will be issued on producing the valid College ID card only.
  3. No multiple copies of same books will be issued to members.
  4. The members should check the condition of the books at the issue counter while taking the books. The library assumes all the books is issued in good condition.
  5. Members are responsible for any damage to the material borrowed by them.
  6. Any damage to the books will attract fine while returning the books to the library.
  7. If the books issued are not in good condition this should be brought to the notice of the librarian and ask for an exchange.
  8. The books issued to be renewed on or before due date printed on the book due date slip.
  9. Members should check the due date before leaving the issue counter.

10.Books returned after the due date will be charged with appropriate fine.

11. Issue of the books is subject to availability.

12.The concerned member should present for issuing of books.

2. Loss of books

  1. In case of loss of books, the borrower should replace the same with new book preferably with same edition or latest edition with replacement charges or has to pay double cost of the book.

3. Guidelines

  1. Any type of marking in books / magazines / journals is strictly prohibited. The members should take care of the library materials issued to him/her
  2. Members should maintain discipline in the library. Eating, Sleeping, Discussing in groups are not allowed.
  3. Don’t disturb the furniture of the library.
  4. The members of the library should co–operate with the library staff for the smooth functioning of the library.
  5. Stealing of books or removing of pages from the books is an offence. It is punishable as per the rules of the library / institution.
  6. Members are not allowed to take the personal books or bags inside the library. They are advised to use property counter.
  7. Librarian reserves the right to recall the issued books at any time in case of emergency.
  8. All the books should returned by all members after one week of every semester’s class work / theory exams completed.
  9. News papers magazines (General and Technical) are available in Reading Room.

10.All journals will be available in Periodical Section.

11. Members have to carry their own syllabus copy.

12.If you have any suggestions/Complaints, make use of Complaints / Suggestions register available with librarian.

13.Feel free to contact the librarian for any clarification and help.

4. Reference Section

    1. Students should ask the reference staff for the required books and enter the same in the register and make it returned when leaving the reference section.
    2. Journals will not be issued.
    3. While taking the books/journals students should assure about the missing pages or damages if any.
    4. Reference books will be issued for overnight with the permission of the librarian.
    5. Reference books should be returned strictly by 9.00 a.m. violation may attract fine.

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