NPTEL Local Chapter


NPTEL has initiated Open online courses that have certification as an option. 10hr, 20hr and 30hr courses are offered on the model of MOOCs on the online courses portal. The objective of enabling students to obtain certificates from courses is to make students employable in the industry or pursue a suitable higher education program.


Having access to 1000+ web and video courses of NPTEL – view, download and copy.

Photos of topper from your college will be displayed on online course page.

NPTEL Scholarship: Local Chapter allows the students from the college to apply for scholarships, who have enrolled to our courses – a company called Aricent is sponsoring the same – which will be a 50% exemption from course fees which is normally Rr.1000/- for the course.

SPOC: Mr.K Srinu, Librarian of our institute is nominated as Single Point Of Contact to interface between NPTEL and the college. SPOC should publicize the online certification courses amongst the students and inform them about the courses being offered currently.

 Mentor: Faculty teaching the various subjects / HODs should be identified as mentor to enroll in course, track the progress of students, and motivate the students on assignments submission/exam registration.

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Online course: Free for all, Certification exam: For a nominal fee

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