At present there are 42346 books. The back volumes of periodicals relevant in the field of engineering and technology have also been provided. 169 IEEE All Society Periodicals Package, 149 Springer Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering, and  26 ASME Mechanical Engineering Collection, ASCE e-journals Package 32 Journals access is providing by JNTUK University through consortium and 92 national  print journals and magazines are being received every year at present. Apart from books, C.D ROMs, and Audio Cassettes on various technical topics are also available. Updated study material for students to prepare for examinations such as GRE, TOEFL, CAT, GMAT, IELTS and GATE are made available. An Integrated Book-Bank Scheme exclusively for SC/ST scholarship holders with a collection of over 184 books is also functioning in the same premises.


Total no of Volumes : 44685

Total No of Titles : 9766

Total No of Reference Volumes: 9766

Back Volumes: 175

Project Reports : 1672

C D’s (General): 1385

C D’s (SONET): 138

Print journals : 72

Technical Magazines &  Non-Technical Magazines: 21

Daily News Papers : 7


Course wise Titles & Volumes




Course No. of Books available No. of Journals available
No. of titles No. of volumes National International e-journals
1. B.Tech:EEE,  M.Tech: PE 936 4341 14 3 169 IEEE,


149 Springer EEC

2. B.Tech:ME, , M.Tech:CAD/CAM 985 4142 14 3 25-ASME
3. B.Tech: ECE
1492 7581 14 3 169 IEEE,


149 Springer EEC

4. B.Tech:CSE & IT,  M.Tech:CSE 2109 11336 13 4 169 IEEE,


149 Springer EEC

5. B.Tech :CIVIL 351 1868 6 36-ASCE
6. B.Tech : PE 92 348 0
7. AS&H 1174 6110 0 149 Springer EEC
8. General & Reference Books 815 1091 6 DELNET, NDL
9. MBA 990 4135 12 DELNET, NDL
10. Diploma 422 1735 0 DELNET, NDL
11. Book bank books 400 1998 0 0  
  Total 9766 44685 79 13  


National Journals & Magazines

S.NO Name of the Journal Dept
1 Indian Journal of Engineering Research and Technology ECE
2 Indian Journal of Embedded System in Engineering Research ECE
3 IETE Technical Review ECE
4 IETE  Journal of Research ECE
5 IETE  Journal of Education ECE
6 Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics ECE
7 Indian Journal of Wireless Networks and Communications ECE
8 Indian Journal of Advances in Communication Engineering ECE
9 Indian Journal of Mobile Communication and Networks ECE
10 Journal on Future Engineering Technology               i-managers ECE
11 i-managers Journal on Electronics Engineering ECE
12 Current Science ECE
13 Research and Reviews: Journal of Embedded System and Applications ECE
14 Journal of VLSI Design Tools and Technology ECE
15 Indian Journal of Software Technology and Applications ECE
16 Journal on Communication Engineering and Systems i-managers ECE
17 Indian Journal of Fluids Dynamics MECH
18 Indian Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications MECH
19 Indian Journal of Machine Tools and Maintenance Engineering MECH
20 Indian Journal of Material Sciences and Technology MECH
21 Indian Journal of Mechanics and Thermodynamics MECH
22 Indian Journal of Modern Production Engineering MECH
23 Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering MECH
24 Journal of Energy Heat and Mass Transfer MECH
25 Indian Foundry Journal MECH
26 Indian Journal of Engineering & Material Sciences MECH
27 Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research MECH
28 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Journal MECH
29 Indian Journal of Information Sciences and Computer Application IT
30 Indian Journal of Digital Information Technology IT
31 Indian Journal of Networks and Application IT
32 Indian Journal of Computer and Internet Security IT
33 i-manager’s Journal on Information Technology IT
34 i-manager’s Journal on Software Engineering IT
35 Indian Journal of Advances in Electrical Engineering EEE
36 Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Modern Technology EEE
37 Indian Journal of Modern Power System and Control EEE
38 Journal of Electronic Networks,Devices and Fields EEE
39 Journal of Indian Industrial Electronic Engineering EEE
40 Current Development  in Electrical Engineering EEE
41 Advance Development in Indian Electrical Engineering EEE
42 Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering EEE
43 imanagers Journal on Electrical Engineering EEE
44 Power Engineer Journal EEE
45 IEEMA Journal EEE
46 Indian Journal of Advance Multimedia and Image Processing CSE
47 Indian Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Technology CSE
48 Indian Journal of Computational Sciences and Technology CSE
49 Indian Journal of Computer Graphics and Techniques CSE
50 Indian Journal of Computer Networking and Modern Technique CSE
51 Indian Journal of Current Development in Data Warehousing CSE
52 Indian Journal of  Cybermetics and Hybrid Computing CSE
53 Indian Journal of Data Mining and Warehouse CSE
54 Indian Journal of High Speed Networks and Computing Routers CSE
55 Indian Journal of Modern Software Engineering CSE
56 Journal of Digital Information Management CSE
57 CSI Journal of Computing CSE
58 The Indian Concrete Journal CIVIL
59 i-manager’s Journal on Civil Engineering (JCE) CIVIL
60 i-manager’s Journal on Structural Engineering (JSTE) CIVIL
62 Civil Engineering Construction and Review CIVIL
64 Indian Journal of Entreprenership Development MBA
65 The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations MBA
68 ASCI Journal of Management MBA
69 Prabandhan:Indian Journal of Management MBA
70 IIMB Management Review MBA
71 Finance India MBA
72 Indian Journal of Corporate Governance MBA
73 Indian Journal of Marketing MBA
74 AIMS International Journal of Management MBA
75 Global Journal of Finance and Management MBA
76 SCMS Journal of Indian Management MBA
78 DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology CSE



S.NO Name of the Magazine Dept
1 Satellite @ Internet India CSE
2 Autocar India ME
3 Dataquest CSE
4 PC Quest CSE
5 Digit CSE
6 Business Today MBA
7 India Today GEN
8 Developer IQ CSE
9 Outlook GEN
10 The Machinist ME
11 Competion Sucess Review GEN
12 Embedded For You ECE
13 Electronics Bazaar ECE
14 Electronics for You ECE
15 Linux for You CSE
16 Facts for you GEN
17 Electrical India EEE
18 Human Capital MBA
19 Capital Market MBA
20 Outlook Money MBA
21 The Week GEN


News Papers

  1. The Hindu (2 papers)
  2. Deccan Chronicle (2 papers)
  3. Indian Express
  4. Business Line
  5. Eenadu
  6. Andhra Jyothi
  7. Sakshi



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