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Knimbus is a cloud based Research Platform that makes discovery and sharing of scholarly content simple yet effective.

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1/2. Sign Up as an institutional user
  • If your library has an institutional account of Knimbus, you can register your FREE Account from within the organization LAN. Just enter your Email Address and Password to get started.
  • As an Institutional user you get access to all content sources subscribed by the library and to your colleagues for shared projects.
  • To get Knimbus in your library, click here.
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1/3. Search Bar
  • A simple yet effective way of discovering relevant content. Enter search keywords to search across pre-selected popular sources set up for your institute. For more options, click on the down arrow for advanced search.
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1/3. Defining the Query
  • Click on the down arrow in the search bar to open the Advanced search panel that enables you to perform a more targeted search.
  • You can specify query terms in multiple search fields and apply Boolean operators to find the exact content you need.
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1/3. Title Bar
  • The top of search results gives the summary of sources searched, no. of results and popular articles relevant to your query. Click on these links to navigate and perform the required actions. To save your query for future reuse, click on ‘Save’ link next to the search query.
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1/2. Saving Content
  • You can select search results to save the as ‘Bookmarks’ for future reference.
  • You can also save the search query in ‘Saved Searches’. Whenever you execute a Saved Search the results fetched are always updated. Researchers also use this function to keep track of articles pertinent to their research subject.
  • All your activities within a session: searches, all selected documents etc. are available in ‘Recent Activities’.
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My Collections
  • You can personalize your search experience on Knimbus by creating a collection of your favourite sources i.e. ‘My Collections’.
  • You can create multiple ‘My Collections’ like your favourite sources; by domain or by topic.
  • To create a collection start by selecting sources and perform a search.
  • On the result page, go to the ‘Sources’ tab on the title bar.
  • Check the sources you would like in the collection and click on ‘Add to My Collection’.
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1/2 Invitations & Connections
  • To invite your peers on Knimbus enter their email addresses and send invitation requests.
  • Once your peers accept your request, they will be added to your connections. You can view the profile of your connections and add them to shared projects.
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Shared Projects
  • Shared projects help you share relevant items from search results, ‘Bookmarks’ and Saved Searches with your colleagues.
  • Click on the ‘+Add’ link in the left panel to create a new shared project. Select users from your organization or connections to form a team for the project.
  • The top bar in a Shared projects shows the no. of shared documents, saved searches, folders and team members. All team members can share and view content but only the project owner can add/delete team members.
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